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I stopped here for a quick lunch. I was going to get a sandwich, but when i saw that their lunch specials were only $7.95, i opted for that instead. I ordered the chicken shawarma plate with a small side of hummous. The waitress was attentive, and she smiled (big plus for me). She immediately brought out warm pita bread with small dishes of baba ghanoush and garlic sauce. I had to try very hard to NOT get full on them. The entree came with choice of salad. I chose the fattoush. It had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers , deep fried pita bits and a homemade dressing. It was fresh and good. Shortly after eating my salad, she brought my entree. Omg it was towering. It was heaped full of fluffy rice, with toasted almonds on top. Delicious. Also heaped on the plate was ever so tender chunks of marinated chicken shawarma. Did i mention it was tender. Probably the most tender chicken shawarma i've ever had. All in all, the food was extremely plentiful, fresh and delicious. Yeah, and i got leftovers. I can't wait to return!

I highly recommend this place.

Mark S.,

hi there. just writing in to say that we've been stopping in periodically for about...three years now mebbee, but last night was the first time i tried your Ghallaba. it was amazing. absolutely amazing. i have a new favorite food. thank you very much, and we're hoping to drop by to see y'all this weekend.

Peter Vanslyke,